Urban Farming

Currently in operation in and around Kampala, Uganda, this very successful and easily maintained program provides urban-dwelling people who have limited means and space with the means to produce fresh vegetables for their own families and neighbours.

Video Documentary
about the
Urban Farming

Filmed and Produced by
Elaine Bombay


  1. Watering
    Simple watering techniques are demonstrated.
  2. Nearly Finished
    Nearly Finished
    A completed growing sack is almost ready.
  3. Stones and Fertilizer
    Stones and Fertilizer
    Drainage stones and fertilizer is layered into the sack.
  4. Soil Goes In a Sack
    Soil Goes In a Sack
    The bottom of a growing sack gets started.
  5. Sacks on the Job
    Sacks on the Job
    Several growing sacks, with vegetables starting to show.
  6. Small Plots
    Small Plots
    In addition to growing sacks, small spaces can be planted.
These pictures demonstrate some of the features of the Urban Farming Program in Kampala, Uganda.

Participants are provided with basic instruction and necessary supplies to start their own "micro-gardens" in which they can grow a wide variety of fresh vegetables, which might normally be beyond their ability to purchase in local markets.

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