Almost half the nation of South Sudan is now in refugee camps, both within and outside South Sudan.
About 1½ million people are in crowded refugee camps in Uganda, and other countries bordering South Sudan.
They are the innocent victims of an on-going war between tribes and factions in their homeland. They have been driven off their land and unable to harvest what they had planted – because of a greed-fed war. They are desperate.
They face perhaps years of displacement and hunger. Although they are getting rations from some international emergency feeding programs such as the World Food Program, it isn’t enough.
According to one report, a seven-kilo packet of maize-meal is allowed for each individual, once a month. That is near a starvation diet. And it is totally unbalanced nutritionally.
Vegetables are urgently needed, but none can afford them since as refugees, they are penniless. 
Cal Bombay Ministries has very successfully done an “Urban Farming Project” in the slum suburbs of Kampala, Uganda where more than 600 families are now “fresh vegetable independent”. 
It is this model that we will use to introduce the means for refugees to produce food right within the camps in northern Uganda.

Using an Existing Plan...
...that WORKS!

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REFUGEE CAMP RATIONS - the equivalent of 2 potatoes per day per person...

One potato, two potatoes, then there are no more
The body’s weak, can hardly speak, you’re laying on the floor
You think of home where food is grown but war has sent you flying
You can’t go back, there’s bombs and flack, there’s nothing left but crying.

The world, it hears, but has no tears, too far away to bother
Starvation reigns, and with it pains, and distance blinds my brothers
Will someone care and be aware, that all of us are dying?
They look away, it’s hard to pray, our plight has left us sighing.

A cup of grain, the need for rain, and seeds to start a garden,
I might then live, if people give, if hearts refuse to harden.
It’s CBM who’s helping them, and you too if you’re willing,
Since choice is yours, with all your toys, alternative to killing.

cal bombay – April 11, 2017