What We Are All About
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Cal Bombay Ministries Inc. is a Charitable Organization founded in 2003.
The purpose of this ministry is to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of people everywhere.
Now we are focusing on the critical needs of the Republic of South Sudan.
This work will concentrate on four specific areas:
  • To help small farmers increase their acreage to become self-sufficient and profit-making business persons.
  • To build very large farms under the direction of the Savannah Farmers Cooperative in South Sudan for mass food production to address ever-impending starvation and replace emergency feeding with established local production of food.
  • To create ancillary food-related industries to provide locally processed and market-ready products and services.
  • To train South Sudanese in modern farming methods and related skills.
Rev. Dr. Calvin Richard Bombay has spent many years in Africa in a wide variety of roles.
Recognized for his involvement in Canadian Christian TV for several years,  his face and work is familiar to many, and his reputation of integrity and truthfulness is solid.
Cal has travelled the world in support of ministry to people in need of both spiritual and physical help.

Read the story of how Cal became so involved in the work in South Sudan.

Some Information About Cal Bombay