Out-Growers Program

The Out-Growers Program represents the true long-term solution for local, self-sustaining food production in South Sudan.

This local farmers’ cooperative of more than 630 farmers (Out-Growers) is being trained to employ modern farming techniques in their own fields.

An additional 1,200+ families or groups have applied to also become part of this highly successful initiative.  Each member, or group, must have a minimum of 5 acres of arable land available in order to qualify as a participant in the Program.

These people have been enabled to move from barely sufficient sustenance farming, to now producing enough food for themselves and their extended families, and to have enough excess to sell in the market place.

Participants have progressed enough to:

  • Send their children to school
  • Improve their homes
  • Secure medical assistance for their families
  • Afford a very few “luxuries” – like a bicycle, for example

1,050 acres are under cultivation by the Out-Growers (sometimes in groups of several individuals), producing sufficient food for as many as 10,000 to 12,000 people for a year.  As additional Out-Growers are enabled to join the Program, as many as 20,000 to 30,000  MORE people may be able to have enough food per year.

The potential of this Program is virtually unlimited. 
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Participants in the Out-Grower Program represent the strongest promise for eventual self-sufficiency in a nation where the source of food has been, for many years, almost entirely dependent upon imports.

The emergency feeding of the starving war-torn population, for so many years and in such a ravaged environment, has unfortunately become "the norm" and individual initiative to do anything more than trying to just survive has been severly diminished.

To see the renewed vigor and excitement of those involved is indeed a real thrill.
Video of "Manual Plowing"
This is what faces a farmer in South Sudan
who does not have any access
​to mechanized land preparation.
​​ The plan is simple...

We provide low-cost and no-cost services to families who have legal ownership or access to small plots of land suitable for agricultural development.  A minimum of 5 acres of cleared land (trees and undergrowth removed) is required to qualify for subscription to the program.  Several applicants may combine their efforts into one field in order to meet the necessary minimum.

We supply, at very low cost, mechanized ground-breaking and initial plowing of the cleared field(s).  The amount of time and physical labour these services replace is tremendous, and it gives the kick-start needed for many people to start raising for themselves their own food.  Larger fields than they would normally be able to manage gives them the opportunity to move upwards from bare "subsistence" living to a higher standard of living for themselves and their community. 
Compare the above to THIS...!
The difference is literally worlds apart, and we can provide this kind of help.